Fugitive Film Productions

Fugitive Film Productions is a much-needed champion for the British film industry by investing in established British talent and adopting an entrepreneurial philosophy of actively seeking out new talented writers, directors and actors, contracting and mentoring them within the Fugitive stable.

Fugitive aims to produce and finance low to mid-budget films with a broad appeal to UK and global audiences. The emphasis is on superior commercial projects in various popular genres and building a valuable product to be exploited in all media.

Fugitive will also negotiate to ensure maximum profits for investors, from the distribution revenues arising from all media, including Cinema, VOD, DVD, television, home entertainment and, where appropriate, merchandising and other spin-off activities. Therefore generating additional revenues that can be returned to the investor.

Fugitive doesn’t just focus solely on self-production, we also look to co-produce with partners¬†that align with their goals of commercial success and maximizing profits across various media platforms.

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